Each pillow is a unique work of art, designed individually, stitched with my grandmother’s Singer and the serger I bought myself as a Christmas gift. They are made using an envelope design — meaning no zipper to scratch your face while you’re laying on the couch — and can be removed and hand-washed. I use primarily three fabrics: a rough-spun 100% cotton that’s been washed so it reaches you soft, 100% linens and felt made from recycled materials. Sometimes a scrap of something else will find its way into a pillow. The embroidery work is hand-stitched, and some of the fabrics are hand-dyed. I create each piece to be a delight to the eyes and the skin, a place for both to rest and enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these listings is for the pillow case only — you will need to provide your own 16×16 insert. Why? Because it will dramatically cut down on your shipping costs! Also, it allows you to pick which insert is most comfortable for you. Do you want a down pillow? Great! Something more firm? Awesome. This way, you get what’s most comfortable for you, and you don’t pay shipping for an insert you might not end up loving.