2 new

I just added 2 new prints to my shop! Both are 8×10 and are also available as postcards (which are not in the shop yet, let me know if you’re interested!). I hope to have a set of four eventually, but these two are ready for the holiday season!



Ok, I know this is the second post in a row with an exclamation. However, I’m just excited to start seeing many of my projects finally in their physical form. Here are the prototypes for a set of tags I’ve been working on. I am still fiddling with paper choice and also the best way to add/install the eyelets, so they’re not quite fully realized yet. But well on their way!



My first run of posters arrived late last week — it’s so exciting to see something that was first in my head, then on a computer screen finally become a real, hold-it-in-you-hand thing!


Getting back to my camera after several weeks off. Last night we went on a beautiful picnic, and I made some photos of grasses and tress. I’ve been won over (after a bit of skepticism) to round prints — sometimes — so thought I’d give it a try.

weekend project

This weekend, I tried to figure out something fun to do with a box of small frames a friend gave me. I ended up recycling a few cardboard boxes from grocery store products, creating drawings with a white gel pen, and spray-painting the frames white. I’ve got a lot of frames to go, but these were quick, fun little pieces that will make a nice grouping, I think.


Hello, and welcome to my design blog. I want this to be a place to post projects, updates, thoughts, and inspirations. I’m starting off with a photo of a feather I shot awhile ago, something that will remind me of flight and soaring over new terrain. Thanks for joining me on this journey!