In my work as an artist and designer, I want to create art and objects that transform daily experiences. We, as consumers, have a nearly infinite choices when it comes to choosing the objects we interact with on a daily basis. My collections are based on the idea that these objects should bring us delight and respite from the frantic pace with which we often travel.
I believe that the objects that we surround ourselves with help shape our lives. Use a poorly designed tool, lay your face on an uncomfortable fabric,  or drink from a glass that does not fit your hand, and a moment is transformed. Use a cereal bowl whose shape you relish, mail a beautiful card instead of an email, and pull your clothes from the dresser passed down from your grandmother and life is enriched. I strive to live my life in the present moment. I believe that bringing objects into my life that bring me comfort and pleasure is one way to help me appreciate life, moment by moment.
While my product lines span several mediums, I approach each with this same set of values. I hope that as you enjoy the things I have made, you find yourself slowing down a little, smiling, and catching hold of the moment.